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Consent Management

This website is using cookies and other technologies for tracking for supporting the navigation and the opportunity for providing you a good user experience and analyse the usage of our services. Cookies represent small pieces of information, which the web server sends to the web browser, allowing the server to collect feedback information from the browser. The consumer could select to delete the cookies via options in every browser. The usage of Administration cookies are those, connected to the proper functioning and efficiency of the website. They allow remembering the user preferences. More information about cookies you can find at

Required, used cookies

In order the website proper functioning our website is using mandatory cookies. The cookie _session_ contains an unique code for each client. In this cookies does not collect personal information


We are using these cookies with for the purpose of advertising and improving our client experience. At

With these cookies we collect information about your behaviour on our website.
The cookies are deleted 12 months after their collection

The data is provided to a third parties like Google, Facebook and other similar providers.
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