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Simeon Dimitrov

Leadership Coaching & Career Building



Hi, I’m Simeon!  I am a tech savvy people enabler,  leadership coach and facilitator. My genuine curiosity towards people and helping others drives my passion for coaching. 

My Story

I have left my home country Bulgaria at age of 21 and never really returned. Earlier in my life, I followed the maxima to change environment every time I feel comfortable, which made me start from the beginning at new place few time and also brought be an extensive life experience for my age. Over the past 13 years, I have worked and lived in America, South East Asia and few places in Europe. My career was always circulating around technology due to my process and analytical thinking and my passion towards people and curiosity have exposed me to many unique opportunities to learn businesses, cultures, behaviours and most importantly people.

People say ‚I never read manuals or listen to instructions‘, confirming my unique approach towards solving challenges and ‚ make challenging things work‘ depicts my intrinsic motivation towards building synergy and leaving things better behind me.

My Values & Beliefs

Curiosity, Authenticity & Humor

I have a genuine curiosity towards people, desire to understand them and gain a conscious perspective about what they value. My ability to sense the context and intuition drive my authentic, unfiltered behaviour towards coaching. I have a serious approach towards humour and genuinely embed it in my coaching. I also celebrate every time when it lands.

Transparency & Radical Candor

Transparency and Candor are essential to build a meaningful relationship and gain perspective about anything. Even uncomfortable initially, it helps to empower your self-awareness and build a realistic and effective approach towards building a life, with more fulfilment and self-worth.  

Service and Develop others, Empower Humility

My genuine belief is that in order to make a positive impact you need to help others become a better version of ‘self’. This works by placing an ego aside and genuinely empower humility to invoke empathy.

A conscious perspective in life

As individuals, we often bend the reality around us. Even more, we often rationalise our decisions to serve our inconcious desires. My role is to challnge this behaviours and, with coaching, to get you closer to living in your consciously-chosen perspective.


My Approach


People describe my style as challenging and supportive, where I might challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and support and encourage you find meaningful answers for yourself. My focus is to build a trusted and authentic relationship, which would be foundation of honest conversations. This will help us establish a baseline and a growth path.

My approach towards coaching is driven by intuition, values and focused on your personality as a whole. My aim is to help you bring more fulfilment, balance and a conscious perspective into your life.

Why me

Extensive International and Cross-Cultural experience

As a world traveler and resident of over 6 countries (United States, Singapore,Germany, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Japan), I understand the many local cultures where global business is being conducted.

I am able to understand the language of cross-cultural dissonance or misalignment and able to help someone interpret those challenges effectively so they can break through the confusion. 

Leadership Training at Stanford Graduate School of Business

I’ve earned a Professional Certificate in Personal Leadership from Stanford GSB and now contract as a course facilitator in that same certificate program. My current areas of focus are Principled and Purposeful Leadership and Leadership Agility, two courses that nurture the application of key leadership competencies and values, creativity, problem-solving, and agility in real-world organizations.

Coaching Training at Co-Active Training institute

I have completed the training with Co-Active Training Institute Coaching, considered the gold standard for coaching and accredited by the ICF. I had coached executives, young entrepreneurs, corporate leaders in small and large organisation across cultures.

Experience from Start up to Corporate World

I have worked  from start up to large (DAX and Dow Jones) organisations, empowering teams, business units and delivering cutting edge technology. I have also observed organisational behaviour, interpersonal dynamics, culture and their role in success. I’ve learned how an individual can adapt, thrive and create value for its stakeholders. My entrepreneurial spirit was fulfilled by the creation of my own wine export company. From this experience, I have learned a lot on ownership, drive, failure and recover from setbacks.


I have worked for some of the most innovative companies, consulted clients and enabled teams from various different backgrounds and cultures over the past years (logistics, technology, tech-consulting, FMCG, Retail and utilities are some of the industries, where I was active). I have crafted my leadership style with curiosity & compassion with each new project, new team, new technology and  new goal I committed to


Lived and worked for various in United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, eastern and western Europe. I am able to understand the local culture, ways of working and context and provide you with a tailored perspective, aligned with your own cultural norms and values.